Boat Management

Management services

We understand that each yacht has different needs which is why we offer Modular Management. You can pick and choose from a number of services that we offer and create your own package.

Administrative Management

With a network of local and overseas partners, we offer, in addition to the boat management services, all the key administrative services in the boat purchasing process, such as:

  • Surveying
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Financing / leasing
  • Efficient ownership structures

Crew and Boat Management

Selecting the correct crew is just as important as choosing the appropriate boat.
Yacht Management offers the expertise to select, educate and train manpower to deliver competent crew.
Yacht Management also has a team of professionals that can be put at your disposal.

Marina Facility and Boat Park

For your convenience, your boat can be launched, fuelled and moored at Marine.

  • Rental of marina berths
  • Complete boat management ashore and afloat

Repair and Maintenance

We have access to local shipyards and work with an excellent network of technicians.
Whether you simply require watch keeping or daily management and maintenance of your boat, we offer you a personalized service so that we may efficiently look after your investment.
We also offer project management in terms of boat building and refitting. We can order or follow your spare parts orders up until their delivery to door step.

Yacht/Boat investment

In the unused days you can choose your custom package to gain profits from your property to make it covers its monthly and yearly expenses, as we also have packages that provides you with an offers that make a plus profit over expenses at least to make your vacations free.

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